Artist Statement
I have created my work in order to unravel my sense of the world and challenge the narratives and beliefs I hold as truths. I explore the relationship between the brain, the mind and the body in the processing of trauma that originate in early childhood development and memory. I work to overcome the assumption that in order to heal something has to be completely resolved within the self. Instead, I offer that healing is an undescribed area, that is unmeasurable, and it is forever evolving and never finished.
My process of creating involves iterating the same forms in different media, and using the medium to understand the object in a new way. I utilize and experiment with a combination of materials from ceramics, steel, bronze, wood, and fibers to unconventional materials like paper pulp, gloop, and bubble gum. My overall vision for my work is to simulate the gesture and sensibility of a figure into systems that extend outside of the body but still allude to it.but in an unrealistic, imperfect, and nonfunctional way.  
I believe that healing is an ongoing process, never fully attained. This is replicated in the- imperfect nature of the objects I make. I am not interested in chasing after a memory and seeking its validity or truth as a representation of what actually happened. I am however interested in embracing the uncertainty of an object and the memory tied to it.

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